States-Tribes-EPA Climate Change Adaptation Symposium

June 2013 Webinar Series

Purpose of Event:

What needs to be done: facilitate engagement among states and tribes to help them better-understand the types of approaches available to them; ensure integration of adaptation approaches in the implementation of federally delegated environmental programs; provide a forum for improved understanding of the direction EPA has articulated in its new Climate Adaptation Plan; provide an opportunity for sharing of ideas and successful strategies among states, tribes, and localities to promote changes in the way programs are implemented to further promote adaptation planning and behaviors.

Approach: Agency, states, tribes, and localities as well as experts in the field will participate in a series of web-based dialogues to discuss the EPA’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan as it applies to efforts by the states and tribes to implement federally delegated environmental programs.  Through the framework of an interactive digital webinar delivery, participants will share information and have the opportunity to engage EPA staff and managers as well as expert sector panels through delivery available to any desktop computer through an internet hookup using software such as Adobe Connect or similar applications. Activities may include regional discussions as well as national Q&A and interaction around a topical agenda. All presentation deliveries and discussion will be recorded for accuracy of understanding, ease of adoption and later review.

A related website will house a resource guide and include an interactive blog/wiki where users can contribute and access case studies, questions, success stories, and related information, and where the EPA can post documents and announcements.

Questions for discussion on the website and for the webinar include:

Who should participate: State, Tribal, and Local participants with leading expertise, knowledge and experience implementing climate change adaptation strategies, policies, activities and performance measures, as well as those responsible for implementing new EPA policy guidance. EPA staff, NGO representatives, researchers, and North Carolina State University faculty will also participate.

Desired Outcomes:



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