Water, Communities & Planning

June 3, 2013 - 3:30pm - 5:00pmRegistration Closed
 Attendees to this webinar will have the opportunity to hear from local and regional officials from across the country how various communities are adapting to the affects of climate change on their water resources. Case studies from California and Milwaukee, as well as an initiative from the Great Lakes will offer attendees insight into how communities are implementing adaptation plans and practices to address the impacts of drought, increased intensity and frequency of precipitation and storms, persistent flooding, and threats of water contamination. Attendees will learn how activities like collaborative planning, innovative community initiatives and integrative approaches can contribute to success in implementing actionable steps to maintain clean, reliable and sustainable water resources in the unpredictable and adverse circumstances created by a changing climate.
 Moderator: Jeff Peterson, Senior Policy, US Environmental Protection Agency
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 Dave Ullrich, Executive Director, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, Chicago, Illinois
 Key needs, opportunities and challenges in planning for climate adaptation to protect water resources
 Presentation: MP4 File (18 minutes, 11.2 MB)
 Jeff Beehler, Environmental Program Manager, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, Riverside, CA
 How active and progressive management can protect the watershed
 Presentation: Slides MP4 File (20 minutes, 15.4 MB)
 Kevin Shafer, Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District, Milwaukee, WI
 Milwaukee's Climate Change Initiatives: a success story
 Presentation: Slides MP4 File (17 minutes, 13.7 MB)

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